Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Top 10

1 Townhouse is rented, now just have to refi so we can afford to rent it, huge relief

2 Hubby TDY and doing the "mommy show" thing

3 Went to Costco for diapers (dangerously low supply) and had hotdogs for dinner (see #2)

4 Then went to hospital and relized that government medicine is cheap for a reason

5 Dr was cleary days out of med school and twisted my knee in ways that made it hurt more than when I went in..hmmm???

6 Get to go back to hospital tomorrow for x-rays at nasty hospital that will be torn down in months

7 Stepped over spilled box of raisins to pour a BIG glass of wine

8 Out of laundry detergent and not planning on buying it tomorrow in an effort to avoid dirty clothes for 1 more day

9 Very much looking forward to hubby returning on Sat

10 Looking forward to girls night out Sat a tad bit more though!! Hey, I'm honest

Monday, April 20, 2009

Name Game

So, I saw this post here and had to try is myself. You use the first letter of your name.

1) Caroline, my sweet baby girl and first born

2) Coke (diet that is) how I start my day

3) Coffee only when it's super cold outside

4) Clean, OK I'm kind of a clean freak but I like it that way

5) Clothes, duh, what girl doesn't love them

6) Chanel, wish I could afford those sunglasses

7) College I attended Florida State University, GO NOLES, Definitely the most fun years of my life

8) Costco and Commissary, man I can spend some bucks in those stores

9) Chanel, where I'd rather be shopping

10) Cherokee, the car I drive

It's fun, you should try it, if you do leave me a comment because I want to read yours