Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work Work Work

The Major works a lot but considering he's in the military, I feel lucky he's in the same country as us. DC is famous for it's long commutes. We actually live in a location that has about a 45 minute door-to-door commute for The Major. 45 mins is actually quite good for DC. However, add in a 9-10 hour work day and that makes for a long day. So, The Major is up way before any of us and out of the house before we are awake. He is a morning person and tries to get in early so he can be home to eat dinner with us, which I'm so thankful for. I think family dinners are SOOO important.

Anyways, the kids don't see him wake in the am and obviously they don't see him go to bed at night. I'm going somewhere with this, stay with me.... Most mornings C (3 year old daughter) asks if Daddy is at work and I usually reply yes, unless it's the weekend (duh). Well, one night she said "Daddy lives at work." I said "What?" She repeated herself. I said "Yes daddy does work a lot huh." Her reply was, "No Mommy, he sleeps at work, he lives there." I realized she had no idea he actually slept at our house. She thought he was just visiting in the evenings and on the weekends. Oh my, what a shocker. I had to take her into our room and explain all that goes on while she is "night night" well not all that goes on.

All I could think was.... I wonder what she has told her preschool teachers????

Well, today in the car I asked C what kind of cake we should make Daddy for his Birthday. I explained how hers was a princess cake because she likes them and Buddy's was a train cake because trains are his favorite etc... She said Dad should have a work cake.

I'm guessing my cake will be a laundry themed birthday cake.


  1. Too funny. I guess I'd have a "beached whale" cake?

  2. That makes me sad!!! Landon sees Daddy in evenings and most mornings but it's still not enough! Why can't we live in Europe where they have shorter days, more vacation and paid maternity leave for months on end!!! Wait, i want to live here! DAMN.

  3. Kids' take on things is always so surprising. I hope you found something better than a work cake for Major! And better than laundry for you!

  4. Oh that's funny. Laundry cake...now that is a challenge for Food Network.

    We are hoping beyond hope not to be stationed in DC, even though we have MANY friends who currently live there, and many more soon to be stationed in that area. Do you think it is better for him to be gone more while the kids are young, or when they are older?

  5. hey, the square planter was from Target about 5 years ago...it has a removeable tile that slides into it with one initial...

    good memory!

  6. that is so cute about her thinking dad lived at work, sometimes my newlywed hubby would call work home by mistake, like, "I'll do that at "home"..."

    I taught him about relaxing and had him rethink that work concept!!!

    also, I have a friend whose dad drove to work once with her in the back seat and she arrived with him to work and said, "Daddy, are we at nursery school yet???"

  7. I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say hi! Hope the cake goes well! :)

  8. Cheryl I had no idea you kept a blog this is great! What a great way for me to keep up with the fam, too many funny stories!

  9. Here via Heidi's blog...
    45 minutes is a great commute! My dh spends 2 hours each direction, and I have no one to blame but myself -- while we both wanted the peace and quiet & plenty of space around us, I was the one who required a certain part of a certain school district.

    So what kind of cake did you end up making for The Major? :)