Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Friend and Good Food

Ever heard of Let's Dish, I love that place!! It's a meal prep store where you go and make some meals to freeze at home for dinner. Food is good and the convienence can't be beat. I'v been doing it every few months since mini #2 joined the family. Did I ever mention that he had colic?? (that's a week of posts all on it's own, I'm currently supressing those memories) If it wasn't for Let's Dish we would have eaten hotdogs every night for those 12 weeks, cooking dinner was just not an option. Ever since those dark days of mommyhood I've come to rely on Let's Dish for a little variety at our table.

Now enough with the PSA for Let's Dish, on to the good friend part of this post. I called a friend whose hubby is also TDY and invited them over for dinner (she has a 2 year old). So, we have 3 toddlers, 2 adults, 1 bottle of white wine and a let's dish dinner to enjoy on my tiny deck. The wine was definitely needed to make the kids bareable. We all had fun but man the kiddos are busy. And, well, DC just doesn't offer affordable housing that's bigger than a shoe box! We both just emailed saying how nice it was to share the evening together and confessed that after we parted each other's company our kids were sent straight to bed with NO bath.

There is always tomorrow for getting clean huh. Besides they'll need another hose down after breakfast anyways.

It has been a long, rainy week doing the "mommy show" for both of us but military spouses stick together. No sulking at home by your lonesome on a Friday night. When husbands go TDY we just say hey, more time for a girls night.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Top 10

1 Townhouse is rented, now just have to refi so we can afford to rent it, huge relief

2 Hubby TDY and doing the "mommy show" thing

3 Went to Costco for diapers (dangerously low supply) and had hotdogs for dinner (see #2)

4 Then went to hospital and relized that government medicine is cheap for a reason

5 Dr was cleary days out of med school and twisted my knee in ways that made it hurt more than when I went in..hmmm???

6 Get to go back to hospital tomorrow for x-rays at nasty hospital that will be torn down in months

7 Stepped over spilled box of raisins to pour a BIG glass of wine

8 Out of laundry detergent and not planning on buying it tomorrow in an effort to avoid dirty clothes for 1 more day

9 Very much looking forward to hubby returning on Sat

10 Looking forward to girls night out Sat a tad bit more though!! Hey, I'm honest

Monday, April 20, 2009

Name Game

So, I saw this post here and had to try is myself. You use the first letter of your name.

1) Caroline, my sweet baby girl and first born

2) Coke (diet that is) how I start my day

3) Coffee only when it's super cold outside

4) Clean, OK I'm kind of a clean freak but I like it that way

5) Clothes, duh, what girl doesn't love them

6) Chanel, wish I could afford those sunglasses

7) College I attended Florida State University, GO NOLES, Definitely the most fun years of my life

8) Costco and Commissary, man I can spend some bucks in those stores

9) Chanel, where I'd rather be shopping

10) Cherokee, the car I drive

It's fun, you should try it, if you do leave me a comment because I want to read yours

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obviously a Man Did That

Did what you should ask???? Designed my house that is. Carpet under the kitchen table??? Obviously a man with no children thought that was a good idea. Needless to say we own a steam cleaner and I got to spend the last hour of my life cleaning my carpet. Fun times... How did I get to lead such a glamorous life, cooking, cleaning, laundry, diapers. Oh the fun.

On a happy note the weather here is awesome!!!! The kids have really enjoyed being outside and so have I. However, I have noticed I'm the only Mom who drinks a beer at the nieghborhood park. Yes I feel like a looser but it is after 5:00. I think I should start using red solo cups, he he

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work Work Work

The Major works a lot but considering he's in the military, I feel lucky he's in the same country as us. DC is famous for it's long commutes. We actually live in a location that has about a 45 minute door-to-door commute for The Major. 45 mins is actually quite good for DC. However, add in a 9-10 hour work day and that makes for a long day. So, The Major is up way before any of us and out of the house before we are awake. He is a morning person and tries to get in early so he can be home to eat dinner with us, which I'm so thankful for. I think family dinners are SOOO important.

Anyways, the kids don't see him wake in the am and obviously they don't see him go to bed at night. I'm going somewhere with this, stay with me.... Most mornings C (3 year old daughter) asks if Daddy is at work and I usually reply yes, unless it's the weekend (duh). Well, one night she said "Daddy lives at work." I said "What?" She repeated herself. I said "Yes daddy does work a lot huh." Her reply was, "No Mommy, he sleeps at work, he lives there." I realized she had no idea he actually slept at our house. She thought he was just visiting in the evenings and on the weekends. Oh my, what a shocker. I had to take her into our room and explain all that goes on while she is "night night" well not all that goes on.

All I could think was.... I wonder what she has told her preschool teachers????

Well, today in the car I asked C what kind of cake we should make Daddy for his Birthday. I explained how hers was a princess cake because she likes them and Buddy's was a train cake because trains are his favorite etc... She said Dad should have a work cake.

I'm guessing my cake will be a laundry themed birthday cake.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life is Good

So, I left cold DC last Thursday for sunny FL and have been loving it. The Major and I both plan to reside here after his military days are over. The Major is a CA boy but likes FL more and most of his family has left CA. So, I made him sign a prenup that said I could be a SAHM and that we'd retire in FL. OK, so I didn't go that far but we both agreed on those two issues.

Back to my time in FL. My mom treats me like a baby when I come here, it's beyond ridiculous... She helps with the kids, cooks, let's me go to the mall without kids and even offers her credit card to buy a few things. I take it (if I don't take it she'll hound me till I do) but I never use it. (I have to draw the line somewhere) Oh, and I almost forgot chilled champagne for cocktails while she cooks our yummy dinner. Tonight we had halibut with a delicious cream sauce, spinach pancakes, corn on the cob and lobster bisque. So, this is not a life here is truly this good. Two last things, she does all our laundry and she gets up with the kids every am and gets them breakfast while I sleep till about 7:30. is good. I think I should make one of those shirts that says "Life is Good" and have a picture of me at my mom's house.

Now onto what I got at the mall...

Shoes for my daughter

Two shirts from Nordstroms for me

Shoes for me

Jeans for the Major's B-day from Gap (Oh I wish I could get that boy into some better jeans but he says I'm just lucky he's still not wearing his from college, which he surely would be if it wasn't for me)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just the usual today

Nothing too exciting to post about today. Just a busy morning as a taxi driver... preschool, mom and me class for S. then the gym for bodysculp class then back to preschool. Then make lunch, do laundry, clean up kitchen, more laundry etc... I hope to fit a shower in while the kids are napping. So, there is my glam life. I wish I could hire a maid and a laundress because there is no way any normal human can keep up with the cleaning and laundry in my home.

I have decided that after staring at myself in the mirror for 1 hour of bodysculp class that I need a lot more sculpting.

So, what does your day have in store for you. Must have something better than me.

I feel like the movie Groundhog Day sometimes, anyone agree??