Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well then....

The Major has a habit of sitting in his car after he comes home from work. He finishes his cell phone call, checks his blackberry etc.... He does this so that he can give the kids his full attention when he walks in the door because they will accept nothing less. I suggested this strategy but it actually kind of annoys me. However, it's better than the alternative (kids screaming while he types/talks). I'm sure he's solving world peace with that last email and it must be done at that instant....hmmm.... I'm anxious for a little relief and need some help so I can finish dinner but world peace trumps me.

So, tonight I see the Major in his parking spot, yes I said parking spot, driveways are for the million $ plus homes, which I don NOT live in. Anyways, he's just chatting away, then I get a phone call from him. He says, "Did you know Steven is on the coffee table in the living room." He can see him through our bay window clear as day and thought he should call me to inform me of this . I'm clearly not surprised or startled as climbing on furniture is a winter sport in our home. So my response was NOT "oh my I must go save him before he falls and needs stitches again." Instead I calmly state, " Well then come in and do something about it Major." And continued to cook my meat pie.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jon and Kate + 8

Anyone watch that show?? I'm addicted. I think it makes my life seem calm and normal and that makes me like it. Seeing thier craziness makes me feel not crazy. Anyways, if you did see it wow that house was HUGE. She better hire more housekeepers. All I could think was wow, they are making some bucks doing that show.

Also, random thought, I'm contemplating Ugg boots. Any thoughts, comments, recommendations?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Should Be Ashamed

It's about 15 degrees outside and I dragged my two kids, in the cold, to the liquor store. I must need a drink bad you are thinking. I do but that's another story... The Major has been out of town all week. Anyways, my gal pals and I have our monthly dinner club tonight and I'm making a champagne cocktail that calls for Vodka. The Major and I drink mostly beer and wine but we do have a nice little stash of liquor. I decided to check the liquor cabinet last night just to make sure we were stocked and the vodka was gone. So after preschool pickup I toted the kids into ABC and got my brown bag. I was looking pretty rough too. No shower yet, blue yoga pants, black coat, hair is in a messy pony, no make-up, black crocs, white socks (totally dork).

So then we headed to the store and the fist thing my daugher yells is "That's Santa Beer". It was actually a 12 pack of coke, but she thinks anything in cans is beer. Should I be surprised if Child Protection Services shows up soon.

Well, dinner club is at my house tonight and of course the major is TDY (business trip in military talk). So, I've hired a nieghborhood kid to trap my kids in the basement till bed time. Italian is the theme. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Last 24 Hours

Events from the past 24 hours by the numbers. I've been a busy gal, got home last night and had a b-day party for Caroline today. Off to bed....

1 birthday party
2 = number of planes Caroline threw up on yesterday during landings
2 meals at McDonalds
3 = hours sweet babysitter took kids out of the house for me today
4 = number of suitcases I unpacked today
5 = days till cleaning lady comes, YEAH
6= hours it would take me to clean my house if cleaning lady wasn't coming, bless her
7 sippy cups found in my car, not kidding, seriously SEVEN, gross
8 people who stared at me with puking child without even offering to help
10 = how many times I said shi@@ when the Major said he'd be out of town next Thurs, night I'm hosting girls dinner club
11 = number of phone calls I'll have to make to find a sitter for dinner club night
20 kids at the party
30 = dollars it cost me to have the babysitter, soooo worth it
3 days till she comes again
18 chicken nuggets consumed. so gross yet so yummy
22 = number of goodie bags I stuffed
24 = number of cupcakes I baked
70 = dollars it will cost me to get house cleaned. so worth it, merry chirstmas to me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flight Canceled

So that means I must endure two more days of fun in the sun. Can't get out till thursday

Round 2

Today I'm leaving sunny 80 degree FL to return to cold, rainy DC, YUCK!!! No more champagne on the dock for happy hour. No more beach in my parents backyard, no more enormous front yard with a swingset and a sand box. I must return to reality. Laundry, dishes, laundry, cooking, errands and of course more laundry. When I visit my mom treats me like a kid again doing all our laundry and cooking all the meals. Do you see why I'm coming back in Feb???

Well, please refer to the Dec Post "Did ya see me" and if you see me in the ATL airport say Hi.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not a fan

I'm not a big fan of resolutions because once you break them you don't try anymore. However, I thought I'd jot down a few ideas of things I'd like to improve upon.

Go to bed earlier, I have a much better day with a good night sleep, so after this post I'm off to bed. Well, after I check FB and my email one more time.

Be more patient with my kids, when things get busy or stressful for me they react to me. If I snap at them they whine, cry and snap back, sounds pretty logical, just stay calm and talk nice.

Plan my time better, so I can get more done.

Manage paper in my house, file it, shred it or take action quickly instead of forming a nice pile in my kitchen.

Prep the night before for the next day, a few preparations the night before (i.e. fill sippy cups, make sure dishes are done, have bag packed etc...) make for a better day.

Well, that's my top 5, what are yours?????

Keep up with my to do list, simple enough huh.