Friday, December 19, 2008

Did you see me??

Did you see me yesterday? I was the crazy looking mother in the airport. I know your thinking, there are lots of moms in the airport that look a bit on the edge. Well, I was the one in jeans, kelly green cashmere hoodie, with black coach diaper bag. (maybe you saw me) I flew from DC to ATL to FL. Sounds easy enough huh. Well add a 2 year old girl, crazy 1 year old boy, double McClaren stroller, car seat, bag of kids toys and dvd player. Oh, and did I mention no husband to help. So, I was managing ALL of that on my own. Well, not sure if managing is the right word.

I'm able to control the children and all our stuff when in motion. Basically I hang everything from the stroller and strap the kids in and go. I look like a bag lady and people move out of my way when they see me coming but it all works. You know the little carts that transport people from gate to gate and go beep beep to get people to move out of thier way. It still beep beeps at me and I move over as much as possible but it actually swerves out of my way. Wow, I must make a statment strolling through the airport huh???

I also attract some attention in the security line. The line behind me in my lane always seem shorter than the other lanes. I shower every am so I'm sure I don't smell, it must be thier fear of it taking me 3 days to get all 6 shoes off, 3 jackets, 3 bags through the scanner, squeeze car seat through scanner and then spend 20 minutes convincing security agent that my stoller won't fit and I should NOT break it down. Only to have him insist on trying to discover that yes, TMW has done this before and indeed was correct, it will not fit. Then, I have to do it all again in the reverse order as our belongings come out of the x-ray scanner. Few... I'm tired just blogging about it!

Well, if you did by chance see me or if we shall pass one day in the future, please offer to help!!!!!

Thanks, The Major's Wife

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pros and Cons

Pros of having The Major out of town...
-Less laundry
-Minimal cooking
-Less Dishes
-Can take an evening spin class
-Bed to myself
-Can shop without him seeing the shopping bags
-TV all to myself
-Computer all to myself
-Can purge his junk
-The house is quiet at night
-His alarm doesn't wake me up
-Time away is always good

Cons of having the Maor out of town
-Kids all day, no break
-I have to do baths
-The kids miss him
-I have to take the garbage out
-I have to bring the garbage pails in
-No one to "stop by the store"
-Can't get cash from the ATM (his wallet)
-I miss him
-The house is too quiet
-Lonely sometimes
-Can't run errand after he gets home

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, I didn't get as much done today as I thought. S is sick with a cold and was very needy so I actually spent most of the day on the floor playing with him and feel good about it. I realized that I had spent many days playing with these toys with C (older sister) but never had sat and truly played with him like this.

So, both kids in bed now and I'm pondering what I at today...

diet coke
breakfast at diner, eggs, country ham, homefries, toast and more diet coke
pringles potato chips and apple juice
afternoon diet coke
fish sticks and a few green beans, had to so C would eat hers
Bud lite to celebrate after kids are in bed

hmm.....should not repeat this tomorrow

Shower before 8 am

Well, the Major was home this am which is unusual. He usually leaves the house very early before anyone is awake but he had to catch a plane today so he was home this am. Therefore I got to shower before 8 am. Wow, this is sure to be a productive day. I'll fill you in on how I do.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never Say Never

Well, I did it. I am now an official blogger. Yes, I'm blogging about my life as if someone actually cares. I never thought I'd have a blog...but now I do. It all started about a week ago when I was looking for these cute napkins that say "Mommy's Sippy Cup" and have a picture of a wine glass on them (cute huh). Well, I googled them and somehow ended up on Clemson Girl and the Coach's blog. Well, here I am....

*I also remember saying I would never have a cell phone...of course I do

*I would never yell at my kids, um I do

*I would never give my kids dessert if they didn't eat thier dinner, I did last night to keep them from screaming and throwing a major tantrum in front of our dinner guests

*I would never swear in front of my kids, I have

*I would never use the TV as a babysitter, how else do I shower???

*I would never complain that being a SAHM is hard, how could it be? You don't have to work. YEAH, got that one wrong

*I would never feed my kids fast food. They know where all the McDonalds are in our town.

*I would never do facebook or myspace, did both and now I have a blog so I have something to do after I have nothing new to look at on facebook.