Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Friend and Good Food

Ever heard of Let's Dish, I love that place!! It's a meal prep store where you go and make some meals to freeze at home for dinner. Food is good and the convienence can't be beat. I'v been doing it every few months since mini #2 joined the family. Did I ever mention that he had colic?? (that's a week of posts all on it's own, I'm currently supressing those memories) If it wasn't for Let's Dish we would have eaten hotdogs every night for those 12 weeks, cooking dinner was just not an option. Ever since those dark days of mommyhood I've come to rely on Let's Dish for a little variety at our table.

Now enough with the PSA for Let's Dish, on to the good friend part of this post. I called a friend whose hubby is also TDY and invited them over for dinner (she has a 2 year old). So, we have 3 toddlers, 2 adults, 1 bottle of white wine and a let's dish dinner to enjoy on my tiny deck. The wine was definitely needed to make the kids bareable. We all had fun but man the kiddos are busy. And, well, DC just doesn't offer affordable housing that's bigger than a shoe box! We both just emailed saying how nice it was to share the evening together and confessed that after we parted each other's company our kids were sent straight to bed with NO bath.

There is always tomorrow for getting clean huh. Besides they'll need another hose down after breakfast anyways.

It has been a long, rainy week doing the "mommy show" for both of us but military spouses stick together. No sulking at home by your lonesome on a Friday night. When husbands go TDY we just say hey, more time for a girls night.


  1. Those are good memories. Seems as my kids have gotten older, TDY times are now spent at home with just the three of us. For some reason, doing things like that were easier when the boys were younger.

    Oh, and there have been many, many bathless nights around are right...some things can wait until the morning.

  2. I have never done it! I keep forgetting to look and see if there's one in my area!

  3. I love those times with friends and I look at those dirty bodies going to bed with no bath and think that's a good enough reason to change sheets while they're in the tub tomorrow;)

  4. Hello! New reader and also a Major's wife. I read your comment over on Grit's page and you're exactly right. The military does not make it easy for us to have careers. We, well me as he's in Iraq, are in STL right now and it's difficult finding something because A)We are military so I'll be gone in a few years and B)I'm not from the midwest and I've been told I am missing those "values" and I don't grocery shop on Friday nights like everyone else does in STL. Guess I am a freak! LOL

  5. We don't have Let's Dish...we have No Fuss Meals. Same concept though and's a BLESSING!!! We even did a girls night there with wine and everything! So much fun and we all left with dinners. A very productive girls night out! :)

  6. Oh, I've been wondering about that place - and I am defintely going to check it out!