Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Top 10

1 Townhouse is rented, now just have to refi so we can afford to rent it, huge relief

2 Hubby TDY and doing the "mommy show" thing

3 Went to Costco for diapers (dangerously low supply) and had hotdogs for dinner (see #2)

4 Then went to hospital and relized that government medicine is cheap for a reason

5 Dr was cleary days out of med school and twisted my knee in ways that made it hurt more than when I went in..hmmm???

6 Get to go back to hospital tomorrow for x-rays at nasty hospital that will be torn down in months

7 Stepped over spilled box of raisins to pour a BIG glass of wine

8 Out of laundry detergent and not planning on buying it tomorrow in an effort to avoid dirty clothes for 1 more day

9 Very much looking forward to hubby returning on Sat

10 Looking forward to girls night out Sat a tad bit more though!! Hey, I'm honest


  1. You are a funny girl ... just read a few of your entries (naptime is over so I'm back ON DUTY) - our lives sound parallel...except, the military and clean freak parts. haha. :) Have a great weekend and fun GNO - DRINK UP!