Monday, April 20, 2009

Name Game

So, I saw this post here and had to try is myself. You use the first letter of your name.

1) Caroline, my sweet baby girl and first born

2) Coke (diet that is) how I start my day

3) Coffee only when it's super cold outside

4) Clean, OK I'm kind of a clean freak but I like it that way

5) Clothes, duh, what girl doesn't love them

6) Chanel, wish I could afford those sunglasses

7) College I attended Florida State University, GO NOLES, Definitely the most fun years of my life

8) Costco and Commissary, man I can spend some bucks in those stores

9) Chanel, where I'd rather be shopping

10) Cherokee, the car I drive

It's fun, you should try it, if you do leave me a comment because I want to read yours


  1. Chanel twice, I think I see a theme;) I'll try this!

  2. I'm too pregnant to think of things right now...but I sure liked reading yours! ;)

  3. Sadly my days of Chanel are looong gone. Hello Target!

  4. Hey... just found your blog, lovely! I will totally do this post next week.. fun! Have a great weekend... and Happy Mother's Day!
    P.S. I love my Chanel's, even though they got throw around A LOT recently - my 15 month old things it's really funny!